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A Series: NRP 8801 | F Series: NRP 8800

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Our Mission

Each year, Veterans’ organizations struggle to raise money to support Veterans in need.

Your investment will be managed in the mutual fund like many other investment products, except we will direct part of the funds’ management fees to support Veterans’ charities across Canada. 

Together, let’s take the financial pressure off Canadian Veterans’ organizations. Let them get back to what they do best, supporting Veterans and their families in need.

Partner Veterans’ Organizations


The Veteran Fund

The Not for Profit Partner of Arcs of Fire Investments

If you invest in the Arcs of Fire Tactical Balanced Fund, your investment will generate management fee revenue. Part of this revenue will be directed to the Veteran Fund Not-For-Profit organization, who will manage how and where each dollar is spent in support of Veterans and their families in need.

Led by a blue-ribbon panel of Veterans and business leaders, The Veteran Fund will be an integral piece of the Arcs of Fire story.